Ethical Trading

Jasmin Rees


Our manufacturing facility is guided by ethical trading practices and values. One of the very important issues to consider when selecting any uniform supplier is the source of their manufacturer and the guaranteed use of ethical work practices. The Clothing Industry, both in Australia and overseas, is plagued by the exploitation of workers in regard to wage rates, working conditions, discrimination, and other essential elements that we in Australia generally take for granted.

UMS is proud to provide complete confidence that our manufacturing facility is guided by ethical trading practices and values. We are fortunate to have such capable and motivated employees and we place the utmost importance on their health and safety in the workplace. It is with genuine respect for our employees that we implement both local and international labour standards. Importantly, we guarantee that there is no child labour, no forced overtime, fair wages, and a safe workplace.

Can your current supplier offer the same guarantees? If you would like more information about our ethical trading initiatives please feel free to contact us.