Pre-Loved Uniform Policy

Second hand items must be current styles and must have been manufactured by an authorised St Mary’s Primary School or St Mary’s College Ipswich uniform supplier. 

Requirements of Sales:

UMS will only accept items from student/parents for sale in a clean and reasonable condition.

  • Items that are excessively faded, stained or damaged are not able to be resold.
  • Hats and socks are not able to be resold.

Price for Second Hand Garments:

Second hand garments will be sold for 50% of the current retail price.

Payment Following Sale:

Upon sale of the garment/s, payment will be transferred to the owners’ nominated bank account to the value of 100% of the 2nd hand sale price.

Non Sale of Garments:

2nd hand garments will be held until Term 3, 2024. If the goods are not sold within that time, the owner will be advised. Collection of the garments will be required within 4 weeks from notification.

Garments not collected will be handed over to our "Uniforms Re-loved" Recycling Program. We will sort these garments into 2 categories, “re-love” or “recycle”. All uniforms that are considered “re-love” will be sent to UMSV, where we will donate to local orphanages or pagodas in Vung Tau. All uniforms considered “recycle” will be shredded by our partner Shred-X, into reusable products and commodities such as building materials and Biofuel.

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