Our People, Our Planet, Our Promise

The Heart of our Company

At the heart of UMS is a strong commitment to our ethical manufacturing practices. It is with genuine respect and appreciation for all our employees that we ensure our factory conditions are fair.

Our People

Unlike many clothing manufacturers, when we say “our people” we actually mean it. We 100% own and operate our factory in Vietnam (UMSV) and have genuine relationships with our employees. We know who they are and value their many years of experience and dedication to the company. 

Our Planet

UMS is a firm believer in minimising our carbon footprint. Furthering our efforts a becoming a 'Zero Waste' company, UMS has implemented a global environmental policy focusing on 4 key principals - Avoid / Reduce / Reuse / Recycle. However, our main strategy for minimising our carbon footprint is to make quality school uniforms that last.

Our Promise

We know the importance of ensuring that your school uniforms are ethically made. It is with complete confidence that UMS provide our customers full transparency into our manufacturing facility. Our Vietnam factory satisfies all guidelines set out by the International Labour Organisation which includes assurances such as no child labour, no forced overtime, fair wages, and a safe workplace. 

Behind the Seams

UMS is able to provide an unprecedented level of transparency into our Vietnam operation. Through the use of a live 24hr CCTV internet feed connecting 15 cameras in our factory, UMS is able to view all of our factory premises at any time. We encourage all customers to look “Behind the Seams” and see this capability as a true measure of our commitment towards being a completely transparent and ethical manufacturer of school uniforms.


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