Wholesale Uniforms

At UMS, we understand that one size does not fit all, which is why we tailor a uniform solution to be the perfect fit for each of our school customers. As an Australian company with a sizeable and experienced local team, we work side by side with you every step of the way. Whether you are looking for formal uniforms, sportswear, winter gear or accessories, UMS will take the stress out of sourcing your school uniforms. With over 40 years industry experience and direct ownership of our garment factory, UMS will ensure your vision is consistently reflected in your school uniforms. 


Read some of our "Wholesale Stories" below: 

Anglican Church Grammar

UMS has been proudly providing the ‘blue and grey’ Churchie shirts for over 20 years, as well as their custom wool blend trousers, shorts and school jumpers. UMS achieve long standing relationships through providing high quality, premium service and understanding the individual needs of each school.

St Margarets Anglican College

UMS has been the supplier of the iconic St Margaret’s formal uniform for well over a decade. We proudly supply many other garments such as the school tracksuit, sports apparel, church dress and performance uniforms. Attention to detail and consistency are paramount for this school, which is why
UMS has been their trusted supplier for many years.

Stretton State College

UMS has been the main uniform provider for this school supplying formal, sport, performance and track wear for many years now. As a strong supporter of equality in education, UMS were honoured to work closely with the school Principal and Management team to design a range of pants, formal shorts and culottes in-line with the change in Queensland’s school uniform dress code in state schools.


Matthew Flinders Anglican College

UMS have been supplying summer, winter and sports uniforms to Matthew Flinders Anglican College for a decade. We were very pleased to be selected to help develop a new uniform to accompany a rebranding and modernisation for this diverse school on the Sunshine Coast. Launching in 2022, UMS has been working closely with the school to help facilitate a stylish uniform providing all the practical components a modern school represents.

All Hallows School

UMS have supplied the All Hallows formal stripe blouse, skirt and culotte since 2014. We also supply the tracksuit and sport skirt and have worked closely with the school to recently introduce a newly designed school polo and sport short.


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